Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Royal Enfield bike tour to Leh and Ladakh, including Khardungla and Pangong



These Ladakh bike tour costs are for two riders sharing one 350cc Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle. The rooms are also on a twin-sharing basis. The prices are for a single person.

Ride The Most Awesome Motorcycle Trail on Planet Earth - The Manali-Leh Highway in the Indian Himalaya!

The Himalayan mountain road from Manali (in Himachal Pradesh) to Leh (in the Ladakh district of Kashmir) is probably the best motorcycle riding route anywhere in the world. Our Leh Ladakh bike trip package packs in high-altitude terrain, off-roading stretches, mountain passes, river crossings and ancient Buddhist monasteries, all within the same ride. Our Ladakh bike tour package starts from the heavily forested alpine stretches of the Kullu Valley in Manali. The Rohtang pass (4000m) is the first pass we cross and it is the gateway to the Greater Himalaya. We see the terrain change from alpine to mid-Himalaya and then to the high-altitude deserts of the Greater Himalaya. The bike ride up to Baralachha Pass is like a ride to the roof of the world. There are flat grasslands and wide open mountain vistas after this pass, once we get to Ladakh. 

Ladakh is a part of the Tibetan Plateau that extends into India. On this motorcycle adventure we get to do a heavy-duty mountain expedition, but from the comfort of a Royal Enfield saddle. Once in Ladakh we get to experience true mountain culture. We visit Buddhist monasteries, Ladakhi mountain forts and villages along the old Silk Route. Everything is big around here - the Indus valley stretches wide and snow-covered peaks of the Karakoram Range run alongside. You can drive, trek or fly over this amazing landscape but the best way to experience this place and breathe it all in, is from the saddle of a trusty Royal Enfield. Our Ladakh bike tour packages are great for any rider anywhere in the world, with spectacular Himalayan views and the best riding experience anywhere on the planet.

Day 01: Arrival in Manali (bus/taxi)
Day 02: Manali - Jispa (ride)
Day 03: Jispa - Sarchu (ride)
Day 04: Sarchu - Leh (ride)
Day 05: Leh - Khardung La - Leh (ride) 
Day 06: Leh - Pangong Lake (ride)
Day 07: Pangong Lake - Leh (ride)
Day 08: Leh - Sarchu (ride)
Day 09: Sarchu - Manali (ride)
Day 10: Departure from Manali (bus/taxi)

Day 01: Arrival in Manali
Stay: Celebrity Inn / A-Star Regency or similar

Arrive in Manali by bus, car or flight. Check into your hotel and relax after your arrival. In the afternoon we will get together for the ride briefing and prep. You will get your riding kit and tips and suggestions on how to ride in the Himalaya. Say hello to your Royal Enfield - this machine will be your best friend for the next few days! We will then go for a short test ride through Kullu Valley and prepare for our long motorcycle journey. Have dinner at the hotel and sleep early so we can wake up fresh for our great Himalayan ride the next day.

Day 02: Manali - Jispa (ride)
Stay: Padma Lodge / Hotel Yak or similar

Wake up early, grab some breakfast and start up the bikes. Today we climb over the Rohtang Pass (4000m) and cross over from lush green forests in Kullu Valley to the bare and mighty mountains of Lahaul Valley. The Rohtang, 51km from Manali, is a beautiful mountain pass and we negotiate many hairpin bends on our way to the top. The tarmac is mostly smooth and this is a nice and easy ride, but with a steady climb up of almost 2000m straight up to the Pass. This ride is a good preparation for the ride to Ladakh. It is time to go easy on the booze and tobacco - you will need all your energy for the long ride over the Himalaya and high-altitude mountain passes. There is a short but rough ride down from the Rohtang to Khoksar in Lahaul Valley. This is the beginning of your most awesome Himalayan motorcycle adventure - no crowds, strong, beautiful mountains and the company of your biker friends and mountain people. Do a nice, lazy ride to Jispa, a pretty little village in Lahaul Valley. On the way, tank up the bikes at Tandi petrol pump. Celebrate the first leg of your great Himalayan ride with dinner in Jispa. The best part of the bike tour is yet to come!

Day 03: Jispa - Sarchu (ride)
Stay: Dorje Camp / Red Rock Camp or similar

Today we begin our journey to the Greater Himalaya. We will leave all greenery behind and begin our ride over one of the greatest mountain passes in te world - the Baralachha La (5000m). This is the gateway to the roof of the world. You will feel like a great mountaineer, except that you are doing it all from the relative comfort of a Royal Enfield seat. The bike putters along, the mountains get taller, the views more spectacular. We climb over the Pass early in the afternoon and negotiate a few rocky stretched before we reach the flatlands of Sarchu - the border area between Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. We reach our campsite in the afternoon - there is no civilisation here, only camps, and high-alitude grasslands. We camp out under the stars at 4200m, with a million specks lighting up the night sky. Sarchu is a dreamworld - you could be in a science fiction movie, or on a different planet. Soak it all in - this is one of the high points of the ride, with many more still up ahead!

Day 04: Sarchu - Leh (ride)
Stay: Charu Palace / Hill Town or similar

Wake up early, enjoy a hearty camp breakfast and crank up the bikes. The engine oil will be stiff from the cold night before so the engines will need to be turned over a few times before they fire up. But fire up they will, and before long we continue on our Himalayan adventure. A few kilometres out of Sarchu camp we cross the border checkpost into Kashmir. Now we are in Ladakh!. This is all high-altitude mountain terrain, with desert grasslands and strange but beautiful mountain shapes. The landscape keeps changing, and we cross over yet another mountain pass - the Lachulung La - and enter the spectacular More Plains. 48 km of riding nirvana, a stretch of high-altitude flatlands, at an average alitutude of 4600m above sea level. Toward afternoon we cross the second-highest motorable mountain pass in the world, the Tanglang La (5400m). We can see many ranges of deep Himalayan mountain territory in the distance. Many traders must have traveled this way in ancient days, all the way to Central Asia and China. We are modern-day explorers and we ride our Royal Enfields on our own adventures. Onward to Leh! We enter the Indus Valley at Upshi and ride down the Indus river to Leh. By late afternoon we check into our hotel in Leh, freshen up and relax a bit. Later we will go and grab some beers and chow in Leh town and enjoy a dinner under the Ladakhi sky. It is time to celebrate our great Himalayan ride over four of the mightiest mountain passes in the world. And the greatest part of the bike tour is yet to come!

Day 05: Leh - Khardung La - Leh (ride)
Stay: Charu Palace / Hill Town or similar

Each day has been a day of achievements but today is something special. Today is when you will reach the highest motorable point on the Planet. A great mountain climber you will be, but on two wheels! We ride up to Khardungla Pass (5602m) and back down later in the afternoon. This is (literally) the highest point of the Leh Ladakh bike tour. We get back to Leh town and celebrate our many great achievements over the past few days. Time for more beers and a traditional Ladakhi feast.

Day 06: Leh - Pangong Lake (ride)
Stay: Himalayan Retreat / Wonderland Camp or similar

120 kms from Leh is Pangong Lake, the largest brackish water lake, two-thirds of which lie in China. There's many species which make their home amongst the sparse grasslands - birds and wild horses and the nomadic tribesmen who have been the caretakers of this moonscape for centures. We explore their lifestyle with a camp-out along the shores of Pangong Lake - the crystal clear waters still safe from the encroachment of modern civilisation. Let us hope it stays this way for many, many more years into the future!

Day 07: Pangong Lake - Leh (ride)
Stay: Charu Palace / Hill Town or similar

Ride back to Leh, stopping along the way to see old monasteries in Shey and Thiksay. We then give the bikes one final check before we begin our ride back home. Do some souvenir shopping in Leh for our friends back home. Check email and update some pics online before we begin the return leg of our Leh Ladakh bike tour.

Day 08: Leh - Sarchu (ride)
Stay: Dorje Camp / Red Rock Camp or similar

You get a completely different view on the ride back, even though it is exactly the same route. The mountains look different, the vista more spectacular. The ride into Leh is your first glimpse into the high-altitude desert landscape of Ladakh. The return journey gives you an opportunity to soak it all in and remember it in far greater detail. Now you are a more accomplished rider, a true Himalayan adventurer, and you feel more relaxed on the ride back to Manali. We return to our camp at Sarchu and say hello to friends we made in the wilderness on the climb up. Party at night under the stars and then tuck into your warm camp beds.

Day 09: Sarchu - Manali (ride)
Stay: Celebrity Inn / A-Star Regency or similar

Start up early for the return journey to Manali. Cross over the mighty Baralachha Pass once more, over a few rocky stretches to Darcha and then toward Jispa, where we get to see some shades of green again. Later in the afternoon we cross the Rohtang Pass, this time from the Lahaul side and climb down the many hairpin bends into Manali. We celebrate our great Himalayan adventure with a Himachali feast and share stories of our spectacular mountain ride. This will be one of the finest days to remember for many days to come. Make plans to return as soon as possible!

Day 10: Departure from Manali

Time to head back home, with many good memories and awesome stories to tell friends back home. We hope you enjoyed your Himalayan motorcycle adventure and return for a few more rides with us - once is certainly not enough!


- Our Leh Ladakh bike tour packages include one 350cc Royal Enfield Classic, to be shared by 2 riders.
- All accommodations on twin-sharing basis in Manali, Ladakh and campsites along the route.
- Breakfast and dinner (MAP Plan) on a buffet system.
- Back-up jeep and mechanic
- Costs of permits in Ladakh

- Petrol costs are not included. All riders will have to pay for their own fuel expenses.
- Transport to and from Manali.
- Alcohol and other beverages and snacks.

- This is a high-altitude adventure. Guests should be fit and should refrain from excessive alcohol and tobacco intake. 
- Guests should be prepared for any changes in schedule caused by unforeseen circumstances caused by weather and road conditions.
- Our team is trained to handle medical emergencies and we carry an oxygen cylinder and first aid kit on all our trips.

Transport from Delhi to Manali
- Volvo bus tickets are available @ Rs 2200 for a return trip (Delhi - Manali - Delhi)