Manali Igloo Stay

Stay in an igloo in India's first igloo camp

Prices are for one person for one night. Call for group or multi-night bookings.

Bookings are now open for the first igloo camp in the Himalaya

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Spend a night in an igloo in the first ever igloo camp in the Himalaya. This is a unique experience for all who want to see what it feels like to camp out in the snow inside an igloo, with beautiful views of high Himalayan peaks all around. Camping out in the summer is one thing, but there's something magical about camping out in the snow with stars in the sky.

We have bonfires, barbecues in the evening, and hot water bottles and high-altitude sleeping bags to keep you cosy inside your igloo. If you want some winter action you can learn how to ski and snowboard, or go for a snow walk in the forests around our camp. Kids can go sliding down our beginners slope in an inner tube, or build a snowman right next to their igloo.

Call us for bookings, here are our available dates:
15 Jan to 28 Feb, 2019

Total number of igloos:
5 (4 spaces in each igloo)

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. Our campsite is in Hamta Valley (2700m), a 45-minute four-wheel drive from Manali town.

Igloo Charges:
Rs.6,500/- per person for one night (GST Included)

Booking Amount:
Rs 1,000/- per person (GST included, for refund policy please see below)


- For the first time in India, an igloo stay experience.
- Adventure activities: skiing, tube-sliding, making a snow man & lessons on how to make your own igloo.
- Enjoy the local mountain cuisine.
- 4-wheel drive up to our campsite through the forest.
- Experience snow trekking in the Himalaya.
- Calm and serene environment of a snowy Himalayan winter.
- Make new friends.
- Bonfire and music.

Temperature inside the igloo

The walls are made of compressed snow and air pockets trapped in the igloo walls help insulate it from the cold weather outside. Temperatures may go as low as -15°C outside the igloo, in the middle of the night, but inside temperatures will go to a maximum of -2°C. On a clear day, day temperatures can vary from 5°C to 13°C.


Day 01 – Drive To Igloo Camp
All guests have to report at 10 AM at our Base Camp - Hotel Keylinga Inn in Prini Village (4 km from Manali town centre). After completing the registration work we will provide you with snow dresses. This is followed by a short briefing on your igloo adventure. You can drop your extra luggage in the Keylinga Inn cloak room. Now it is time to get out of crowded Manali and explore nature. The road to our campsite starts behind Prini Village and goes all the way up to Hamta Valley. Now you can enjoy a 4-wheel drive through thick pine forests, with views of the entire Kullu Valley spread out below you. The drive up is in a shared cab, with 45 minutes of driving followed by a 20-30 minute snow trek to reach the igloo camp.

Our igloo camp is surrounded by beautiful pine and walnut trees.

Till sunset you can enjoy the snow - skiing, tube sliding, making a snow man and learning how to make your own igloo. In the evening you can enjoy a bonfire and music with snow all around. At night we will provide you a warm sleeping bag with an inner liner and a nice hot water bottle to help you enjoy your first night in an igloo.

Day 02 – Drive to Manali & Departure
Wake up inside your igloo and step out in the fresh winter morning for some hot tea. Freshen up with some hot water and enjoy the sun rising over the mountain. Take a hot breakfast with morning views of the mountains. After breakfast it is time to say bye bye to the igloo camp. Your last adventure is a snow walk for 30 to 45 minutes up to the road. After tea and short rest at a tea stall in Sethan Village, drive back down to Hotel Keylinga Inn via the same route.


- 1 night accommodation in igloo on double sharing basis
- Snow dress (water-resistant uppers and lowers with gum boots)
- Warm feather sleeping bags with extra fleece will be provided with a thick foam mattress and hot water bottles
- All meals at the igloo campsite: lunch, dinner (veg and non-veg) and hot drinks on Day 1, followed by morning tea and breakfast on Day 2
- Activities: short snow trekking, skiing, tube sliding and igloo making lessons
- Bonfire in the evening
- Enclosed dining space with wood fire oven (tandoor)
- External shared toilet a short distance from your igloo
- Genset in evening for lighting and charging phones and cameras
- Unlimited hot drinks!


- Any services or meals that are not mentioned in the above 'Inclusions' section
- Transport charges from Keylinga Inn to and from the igloo campsite (Rs.3500/- per cab with 6 people sharing)
- Medical, insurance and evacuation charges


- Warm woolen cap
- Thick thermal uppers and lowers for wearing inside your ski clothing
- 3-4 pairs of thick woolen socks (snow will get into your boots while you play in the snow so you will probably get 2 pairs of socks wet for sure)
- 1 pair of high-ankle trekking boots (optional, if you have)
- 1 pair of waterproof gloves for playing in the snow
- 1 pair of woolen gloves to keep you warm
- Woolen sweater / fleece upper
- Feather, weather resistant jacket (if available)
- Sun glasses (MUST) and suncream
- Personal medicines if any
- Hiking daypack (30-40 ltr) with your overnight things, please do not carry heavy luggage or suitcases to the igloo campsite
- Water bottle

- You have to be physically fit - this is an adventure program. You will have to walk and snow trek for 30-45 mins, up and down to our campsite.
- For overnight igloo stay, children should be 12 years and older. For day trips children should be 6 years and older.
- Try to wear loose-fitting warm trousers or track pants inside your snow dress so you can walk easily. Avoid wearing tight-fitting jeans as these will make you uncomfortable.

Terms & Conditions

Our igloo stay and all our skiing activities are subject to timely and sufficient snowfall and favourable weather conditions. Our operational area is located in the mountains above Manali town at 2700m in Hamta Valley, near Sethan Village. Our campsite is approximately 18 kms from Manali and during snow time it is only accessible by 4x4 vehicles, via a 45-minute drive from the base camp (Hotel Keylinga Inn, Prini Village - 4 km from Mall Road, Manali).

Our igloo camp runs only in the winter (January to March). During this time, bad weather and heavy snowfall can sometimes block the Manali-Hamta road. In such a case, it can take 2-3 days to clear the road. We would advise our clients to be a bit flexible while planning their igloo holiday in case we need to wait for bad weather to clear or if we need to shift your holiday slot due to any other unforeseen circumstances. In this case we will work out a good alternative trip depending on weather conditions.

Important Points

- Kindly respect and value time. Days are short in the winter so we will depart for the igloo camp at 11 AM sharp, every day from Base Camp (Hotel Keylinga Inn). Return from the igloo camp is also at 11 AM on Day 2. Those who want to travel at their own convenience will have to pay extra for cab services.
- Before departure from Base Camp, make sure to carry all your essential items like medicines, clothing, toiletry etc.
Refund Policy

- Full refund of booking amount in case we are unable to get to the igloo camp from the Base Camp during heavy snowfall.
- 50% refund of booking amount if cancellation is done fifteen days prior to the stay date in the igloo (transaction charges will be deducted for bank transfers).
- No refund of booking amount will be made if cancellation is received less than one week before your booking date.